Comic Book Pressing

Comic book pressing removes bends, creases and other imperfections. It improves the overall appearance and value of the book. It will not remove color breaks and does not fix all damage.

Books with inserts will receive a cover pressing only, the interior pages will not be pressed due to the fact that the insert will cause impressions. Hologram and Holo-foil books are not suitable for pressing.

Dry Cleaning is used to remove most of the surface dirt on the front and back cover. It can remove pencil and some ink (but not all). It is not suitable for all books and does not remove all markings. It does not remove stains, soiling, ink or water damage.

Spine Roll is a fix for books with a mis-aligned spine. It is only for books that are in good condition, as it can cause damage to brittle books. (Spine Roll is not when the book has a curl to it, that is fixed by normal pressing)

We are an authorized CGC dealer so if you would like to grade your books after pressing send us an email and we an send an Invoice after the books have been pressed.

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Pressing and Cleaning
Pressing $15 Cleaning $10 Spine Roll $10
Charges are per book. Charges subject to change depending on the individual book.



Amazing Spiderman
Amazing Spider-man 1 before pressing
Amazing Spiderman
Amazing Spider-man 1 after pressing
New Mutants
New Mutants 98 before pressing
New Mutants
New Mutants 98 after pressing
X-Men 101 before pressing
X-Men 101 after pressing
Comic before Dry Cleaning
Comic after Dry Cleaning








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